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SCP Foster & Placement Procedures

When a foster home is available, contact the SCP Volunteer (see below). If there is a specific or size/type of pet the foster prefers be sure to specify.

The SCP Volunteer will contact the shelter director to see what animals are available and make a good SCP candidate, if there is a potential foster dog / cat available she will call the foster ‘mom’ and set up a time to meet at the shelter.

Once the foster mom has met her potential foster animal and accepts him or her we go thru the following steps to get the animal ready (the foster parent is encouraged to participate in these preparations); this whole process should take no more than a couple hours.

  • Locate the animals kennel card, if there is no kennel card then one must be made.
  • Have someone at the shelter do a heartworm test, if negative proceed to completing the kennel card. If the test is positive, the Shelter Director will need to be consulted (if the dog is treatable).
  • The animal should be weighed, bathed, given bordatella, frontlined and given all necessary shots; this information should be recorded on the kennel card.
  • The foster parent's name should be on the kennel card along with a phone number and/or email address.
  • Make a copy of the completed kennel card for the foster parent; the original paperwork stays at the shelter.
  • Sign a second chance pal foster contract and place it in the SCP Volunteer's mail box in the back office.
  • Make sure the animal has a properly fitted collar, with a shelter ID tag, along with a paper collar with his / her name.
  • A shelter volunteer worker will make an appointment at the vet if the animal has not been spayed / neutered. The shelter will take the animal to the vet and the foster parent will pick up the animal from the vet, so the appointment should be made at the convenience of the foster parent. If the foster parent cannot pick up the animal it will come back to the shelter. If there is a problem with the shelter providing transport of the SCP animal, the SCP Volunteer will provide drop off and pick up.
  • We will fill out the vet client form (kept in the SCP drawer, in a yellow folder) that accompanies the animal to the vet.
  • At the vet the animal will be spayed / neutered (if necessary), receive a microchip, rabies shot and a wellness check. If the animal has any health issues discovered at this time, the vet will notify the foster and/or the shelter and SCP will need to make the decision to accept the animal as a "special needs foster".

If the animal comes in already spayed /neutered and has a current rabies shot, then the shelter can microchip the animal. A shelter worker will need to schedule a vet wellness check at the first possible convenience (the vet will not supply monthly heartworm prevention without an exam).

Once a foster is comfortable with this process, it is acceptable if he /she preps the animal without our supervision, just notify the SCP Volunteer when a foster goes into the program. We will then notify the Webmaster to post the new candidate as a SCP foster on the web site.

Each foster mom will be instructed as to monthly pickups for heartworm prevention, frontline, worming medicine and dog food.

SCP Volunteer: Sindy Wakefield
Phone: 423-507-4313, Email: sindywakefield@gmail.com

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