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available pets: foster/adopt

The pets listed below are in need of a home or foster spot. Please help if you can!

Keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated: 11/02/2017  


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10/26/17: Cookie is a 7 year old Golden/Lab mix and was surrendered by her owner's family after he passed away. She is spayed and housebroken.

She needs a completely fenced yard as she will chase cars! She is housebroken, walks well on leash and loves everyone!

Her medical issues are as follows:
10/11/17 - Large growth on left side of anus. Possible skin or anal gland tumor. Also has smaller growth above vulva. May be removed and biopsied at time of spay. (Note: Cookie is already spayed. Visible spay tattoo) Recommend blood work due to possibility of cancer and HW disease.

10/12/17 - Consult between Dr. Granger and Dr. Gobble/ Possible tumor removal at TBAH Surgery considered high risk due to age and HW diagnosis, would require reconstruction that may result in incontinence. MCAS electing to pass on tumor removal surgery at this time.


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9/21/17: Gracie is a 12 year old very sweet Russian Blue mix cat who was owned and loved for a long time by a dedicated MCFA volunteer. When her Mom died unexpectedly 2 years ago, her Dad tried his best to take care of her but she really missed Mom and her spirit declined. Dad is now in ill health and can no longer provide for Gracie.

She has gained a lot of weight over the last few years and is now in need of a caring home where her diet can be supervised. She is a very loving cat and her purr motor activates when she just feels your hand on her and it goes into high gear when you pet and rub her neck. She really loves attention and comes from a home with another cat, but doesn't like dogs so much.

She's had a full medical checkup with bloodwork. At 24 lbs. she has some trouble getting around but she's eating her diet food nicely and is using her litter box.

She will need a fairly quiet home as she stresses easily during this unsettled time in her life. It will be important for her diet to be closely monitored to get that weight off so that Gracie can be the cat she once was before she lost her Mom.

If you think that you could provide a home for Gracie (either foster or forever), please contact Claire at cemox@tds.net or call 423-884-3299.


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10/11/2017 - Feeling Frisky & Anxiety Free


10/8/17: From his foster Mom: I was waiting to send an update on the little guy after he saw the vet this week. He was neutered last Wednesday, and I asked them to really explore his ears as he is deaf. They found pus pockets under his eardrums and is on a long course of antibiotics. Hopefully, some of his hearing will come back. I had them check his ears every time but guess the infection was too deep to see on a regular exam. He has been in pain and had 2 more seizures, so he is on a maintenance dose of PhenoBarb which will probably be a lifetime. He also suffers from separation anxiety. He does not destroy things, but barks and howls nonstop when I am gone and needs to have me in view at all times. Other, than that, he is perfect.

He is feeling a little better and actually played some with my Scottie. There is hope for improvement. I would like to get one of the storm vests to put on him when I am gone to see if it will help calm his anxiety. I haven't had anyone reach out to me for him and West Highland Rescue never contacted me. He is demanding when he wants something, especially food. During the day, he is in a 10x10 pen with many many comforts, so he is safe and can't run off. My Scottie is with him but he just can't be consoled when I am gone.

He goes back to the vet in 2 weeks to explore his ears again under brief anesthesia.

9/21/17: This little guy’s heart was shattered when he was taken to the shelter by his owners because they moved. As his foster mom, I was able to get him to eat, play, and start trusting again, but he has a ways to go. When adopted, he will need much patience until he can adjust. He is definitely a one-on-one boy and would greatly benefit from a stay at home parent with a large area to run and feel free. He cannot be crated or confined. He is totally house-broken, has great manners, and is perfect on a leash. He is fine with other dogs and cats, but does not interact as he is quite submissive. He has learned to play with toys by himself and has a good time.

“Snowy” was so traumatized from the change that he did have seizures. He is currently on medication and working through a trial medical plan to see if he has a diagnosis of epilepsy or if the seizures were only due to stress. This will be determined, but it is a strong possibility he will require life-time medications and routine vet visits. In addition, a potential adopter needs to know he will also need grooming because of his breed. The rewards of this lush sweet boy will far outweigh any extras efforts required. He is a dream. Serious calls only, please.

9/16/17: No dates yet, but Snowball has been accepted into Westie Rescue, Southeast!

9/4/17: Snowball is only 1 year old. He came in as an owner surrender, they said they were moving and could not take the dog.

They did not mention the dog had seizures, but Snowball had two seizures the first night with his foster mom. The vet at MCAH did blood work that came back normal; so it may possibly be epilepsy. The vet gave him medication and will recheck his bloodwork in 2-3weeks.


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10/17/17: Tellico is such a sweet, tender, gentle dog. I have fostered him for 2 months and he is just now starting to come out of his shell. Today Tellico ran through the house playing....This is a huge step forward for him.

Tellico still cries when wanting attention, but I am not encouraging that behavior, I pet him when he is quiet and walks up to me.

Tellico has started to Initiate play with my other dogs, again this is a very good sign.

Tellico is child friendly.

8/28/17: Tellico is making small steps forward; he is a hard-luck case to be sure, but his sweet disposition makes him worth the trouble.

Tellico will use the doggie door to go outside on his own; he has not pooped in the house in over a week. I have 4 male dogs so I can't honestly say if he has or hasn't marked in the house, although I think if his environment were scent-free of other males, he would do great indoors as long as he had a doggie door to use.

He is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment so his physical activities are restricted. He is overweight, but I can't encourage play, walking, or running until it's safe.

8/17/17: Tellico is our newest SCP foster. Tellico is a Beagle, around 7 years old. He had to have his eye removed, he has been neutered and is heartworm positive. He has started heartworm treatment.

He seems to be very calm, non aggressive to other dogs.

We'll add more about Tellico as we get to know him.

8/14/17: Tellico is a Beagle, male, maybe 7 years old and very shy. Tellico will have an eye removed at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital on 08-17-17

He is heartworm positive and due to his age he cannot do the 'fast kill' HW treatment.

Tellico is most likely not housebroken YET. Tellico's foster mom will do her best to get him housebroken and socialized.

He came into the shelter almost feral, but has improved greatly by being allowed to roam free around the shelter. Fingers crossed I can help him become adoptable.


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9/16/17: Molly's foster Mom has gone on vacation so she is temporarily back at the shelter ... if you'd like to help by fostering Molly, that would be a huge help. She gets along well with smaller dogs, but shows some jealousy with dogs her own size.

8/18/17: From Molly's foster Mom: We're leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be leaving Molly at the shelter until she finds another foster home. Molly has been quite a challenge and while I am happy to report that she can be walked on a loose lead and has learned to "wait" before charging out of the door - though she has moments when she forgets. We feel it would be best if she was returned to the shelter or find a home that has no other dogs (maybe someone who has just lost a dog?) where she can just hang out with that person(s). She loves nothing more than to just be by someone's side, needing her own person.

As part of her heartworm treatment, she is supposed to stay relatively quiet. Unfortunately, when she is crated in our upstairs wire crate, which we feel gives fosters more social time with us and our two dogs, it seems that when left alone in the crate, especially at night, she has a tantrum. This cannot be good for her recuperation. Take her out, she is calm and very manageable, though the perceived competition with our Rottie is something to we have to keep an eye on - when she is on a lead and she encounters him, she does fine. In order to put our minds at rest and get some sleep, we banished her to a room in our basement where we put her into an airline crate. At first she wailed and carried on, but after awhile, she calms down and we have had some peace and quiet.

This girl has a lot of potential, has a decent temperament, and is very trainable in experienced hands. If you find someone who could foster her, we would be happy to loan out one of our airline crates. It has made a huge difference.

8/16/17: Molly is very affectionate and social, strong physically but trainable. She gets along well with my rat terrier, my Rottweiler not so much as I think she feels competition overwhelming in this early socialization. She just needs to learn rules.

Molly will be a loyal companion as she is most content laying at my feet when I'm working in the kitchen or on the computer.

8/3/17: Molly is ready to start her heartworm treatment and it would really help her to have a foster home for the next few weeks while she stays quiet and recovers. She is housebroken, spayed, and wants to be active, but her condition requires some down time while she heals.

5/19/17: Molly is a 5 year old terrier mix, 64 pounds, she's a nice girl who doesn't like being in the kennel, would rather be with people.

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