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available pets: foster/adopt

The pets listed below are in need of a home or foster spot. Please help if you can!

Keep our adult shelter animals in mind when adding to your household members!

Updated: 5/18/2018  


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5/17/18: Agnes had her dental today; she had 7 teeth pulled and a skin tag removed. She is doing wonderfully and back to her normal self!

5/8/18: Agnes is a 10 years young, super-sweet little lady. She is housebroken and loves to be hugged. She is low energy and likes to take naps during the day. She likes to get soft food for dinner, but will eat hard food and treats as well. She gets along with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. Agnes would love a nice warm home and a lap to call her own.


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5/17/18: It's me - Nell. Bet you've been wondering where I've been. I had a really rough time after my dental, but I'm feeling much much better now and I am ready to find my forever home. I've been off all those medications (except one) and I am feeling frisky. Sometimes I even break out into a little run when I'm excited. My cough is pretty much gone - thank goodness. I have such a big heart - full of love for someone. But because of my big (enlarged) heart, I will need to stay on medicine for the rest of my days. They say I have a 5/6 heart murmur. It's a small investment of $30 a month, but it helps protect my heart and the nice vet said it would give me a few more years. I am only 13 years young you know.

I think my name should be "Sweet Heart" instead of "Nell" because that is what everyone seems to call me. I'm a very easy keeper and get along with everyone. I've lost a lot of my vision but I still see well enough to find my way around the house and I can always find you. Light coming from a TV fascinates me and sometimes you would think I'm watching TV with you. I like to cuddle, so I will make a great companion dog for some lucky person.

I have a good appetite and eat well. Dry food is easier for me to eat than canned food. I think canned food is pretty good stuff, but it's harder for me to judge where it's at when I'm eating it. Besides, I know my Foster Mom hides my medicine in it. I've been eating Taste Of The Wild Dry for Small Breeds. It's healthy for me and just the right size kibble for my little mouth. I digest it well. I think treats are pretty good too, although I don't get that many.

I hear sounds, but sometimes I get confused as to where they are coming from. For a girl of my age, I am pretty active. In the house, I like to walk and walk and walk. I also like to be near my FM at all times and that sometimes gets me in trouble and I have to spend time out in my x pen. She keeps muttering something about me being under her feet. I just need to be near her.

I have 2 canine siblings that I hang with. I cuddle with Amber, but she's older than me and she likes to be by herself a lot - she gets grumpy sometimes. Lucy is young, so I spend more of my time with her. She grooms me every night. Someone needs to tell her she gets my ears too wet though. I think I would do well in almost any home, but a home that was quieter (with less activity) would probably be best for me.

Because of my limited vision, a lot of activity could be confusing for me. I do well with kids, but only those who would respect me and who would be gentle with me. I don't think I've been around cats, but I'm sure I would be fine around them too. Having an x pen for me would be a plus too. It gives me a space where I can slow down and it makes me feel safe. I would love to sleep in bed with you, but that would be a bad idea for me since I could wander over the edge of the bed and fall to the floor. I sleep well in my x pen at night - with all my toys and blanket. Because of my limited vision, I do not do well on a leash - it throws my sense of balance off.

In my foster home, we live on acerage - with no fence. But since I have to be near my FM at all times, that's not a problem since I'm never more than a few feet away from her. I follow her everywhere. I would probably do OK in a fence yard too, but only if you stayed out there with me. I may panic if I don't know where you are.

I have pretty good house manners. We have frequent potty breaks outside. I prefer to do my business outside than inside, although I may have a little accident once in a while. I like being out side with the sun on my body. I love all the smells. We go for walks to check on all the baby birds in the bird houses.

I'm sharing a few new pics of myself. When the weather is nice, I enjoy time outside in the doggie gazebo with Lucy and Amber. Last week, Lucy and I helped out with a booth at a local Health Fair. We were showing people all the health benefits a pet can offer. I was held by many people and I just know they felt so much better after holding me - especially one little girl that liked me a lot. I think I was a good representative for Monroe County Animal Shelter that day. Who knows, maybe I could become a Therapy dog and visit people in nursing homes one day. Everyone loves to hold me.

As much as I love being in my foster home, it's time for me to find a forever family of my own. I had a home, where I believe I had been the only dog for most of my life, but my owner died and I ended up at the shelter. It took me a little while to adjust to all the changes. But I'm doing well now. I am currently up to date on all my shots.

I recently got a Pro Heart 6 shots, so I'm protected against heartworms for the next 6 months. I need someone that will make sure I get the medicine, and health care, I need. Could you be that special person (s) for me that would love me for the rest of my life?? I promise to love you back.

Love Nell

3/28/18: Nell is a 13 year old Chihuahua that is now in a foster home.

She has been checked out at a vet's office and is already spayed, has limited vision due to bi-lateral cataracts, has a grade 4/6 heart murmur, a possible luxating patella, needs a dental and is heartworm negative.

Nell's foster Mom has reported that she is pee-pad trained but likes to go outside and gets along well with other dogs.


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3/21/18: Being clean feels so good!


4/30/18: Scotty is feeling much better these days, he no longer needs the television on to feel safe. He is playing more and is trying to play with his foster brothers.

Click here for a video of Scotty

4/2/18: Scotty is a Schnauzer, 13 years old, blind, nearly toothless. He sleeps most of the day away. His foster mom carries him outside because he cannot maneuver steps going down, He will follow her voice calling him; and he can climb up the stairs to come back in the house.

Scotty likes having the TV on to sleep, he will cry and bark when he thinks he is alone, so the tv helps.

Scotty is an old man who needs a quiet home to live out his days; he is friendly and happy.


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10/11/2017 - Feeling Frisky & Anxiety Free


1/14/18: Snowball had a pretty severe ear infection which may have temporarily affected his hearing; now that the infection is better, his hearing has also improved.

Snowball will see the vet as a follow up to make sure he is back to 100%.

He will also be getting groomed; toy breeds thrive with tender loving care.

10/8/17: From his foster Mom: I was waiting to send an update on the little guy after he saw the vet this week. He was neutered last Wednesday, and I asked them to really explore his ears as he is deaf. They found pus pockets under his eardrums and is on a long course of antibiotics. Hopefully, some of his hearing will come back. I had them check his ears every time but guess the infection was too deep to see on a regular exam. He has been in pain and had 2 more seizures, so he is on a maintenance dose of PhenoBarb which will probably be a lifetime. He also suffers from separation anxiety. He does not destroy things, but barks and howls nonstop when I am gone and needs to have me in view at all times. Other, than that, he is perfect.

He is feeling a little better and actually played some with my Scottie. There is hope for improvement. I would like to get one of the storm vests to put on him when I am gone to see if it will help calm his anxiety. I haven't had anyone reach out to me for him and West Highland Rescue never contacted me. He is demanding when he wants something, especially food. During the day, he is in a 10x10 pen with many many comforts, so he is safe and can't run off. My Scottie is with him but he just can't be consoled when I am gone.

He goes back to the vet in 2 weeks to explore his ears again under brief anesthesia.

9/21/17: This little guy’s heart was shattered when he was taken to the shelter by his owners because they moved. As his foster mom, I was able to get him to eat, play, and start trusting again, but he has a ways to go. When adopted, he will need much patience until he can adjust. He is definitely a one-on-one boy and would greatly benefit from a stay at home parent with a large area to run and feel free. He cannot be crated or confined. He is totally house-broken, has great manners, and is perfect on a leash. He is fine with other dogs and cats, but does not interact as he is quite submissive. He has learned to play with toys by himself and has a good time.

“Snowy” was so traumatized from the change that he did have seizures. He is currently on medication and working through a trial medical plan to see if he has a diagnosis of epilepsy or if the seizures were only due to stress. This will be determined, but it is a strong possibility he will require life-time medications and routine vet visits. In addition, a potential adopter needs to know he will also need grooming because of his breed. The rewards of this lush sweet boy will far outweigh any extras efforts required. He is a dream. Serious calls only, please.

9/16/17: No dates yet, but Snowball has been accepted into Westie Rescue, Southeast!

9/4/17: Snowball is only 1 year old. He came in as an owner surrender, they said they were moving and could not take the dog.

They did not mention the dog had seizures, but Snowball had two seizures the first night with his foster mom. The vet at MCAH did blood work that came back normal; so it may possibly be epilepsy. The vet gave him medication and will recheck his bloodwork in 2-3weeks.

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