foster status report

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Date Entered Foster Care

Describe animal’s health, appearance and personality during the first
week of foster care:

Has the animal exhibited aggression (growling, snarling, snapping, hissing,
scratching etc.) towards any adult, child, cat or dog? Yes No
If yes, please describe event:

When you leave the house or room, does the animal exhibit any signs of
separation anxiety (i.e., excessive barking, whining, urinating/defecating
in the house, destructive behavior)? Yes No
If yes, please describe event:

Are you using a crate? Yes No
If yes, how long is dog crated?

Does the animal have a good appetite? Yes No
How often do you feed each day?
What do you feed the animal?
Brand Dry
Brand Canned
Treats type

Where does the animal sleep?
Is animal allowed on furniture? Yes No

What type of play does animal like best?

Does cat/dog have a favorite toy? If so, which one

Does dog like walks on a leash? Yes No If so, how far?
How often?

Please check the terms that best describe your foster animal:

Easy Going  Shy One Person Pet Obedient    Noisy
Playful    Aloof    Protective Outgoing  Quiet
Destructive  Nervous  Aggressive Friendly   Hyper

Please describe positive traits of the animal that would be attractive to potential adopters.

Please describe negative traits of the animal that would not be attractive to potential adopters

Is the animal on any medication? Yes No If yes, for what condition?

Does the animal like to be groomed? Yes No

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